Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning is an essential part of our practice. Proper estate planning allows you to preserve assets for your family and loved ones and arrange for their support and financial assistance after you are gone. We work with accountants, pension experts and other professionals to achieve the plan that accomplishes your goals.

We are also experienced in entity formation and real estate laws and methods relating to the transfer of interests in land during life or upon death. After death, we are available to assist in all aspects of probating an estate and attending to all state and federal estate tax issues. If disputes arise regarding an estate, we are available to represent an heir, devisee, personal representative or creditor.

● Wills
● Trusts
● Powers of Attorney
● Advance health care directives
● Trusts
● Special needs trusts
● Gifts to minors
● Charitable giving
● Guardianship and conservatorship
● Real estate transfers
● Estate and tax planning
● Probate administration and litigation
● Estate administration and litigation
● Trust administration and litigation
● Adoptions